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Agora Pty Ltd

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Australian Tractor Attachments Agora Pty Ltd


Klein Truck Tanks are engineered to give the lowest possible centre of gravity in comparison to any other competitive models. All Klein off-highway tanks feature flanged heads and baffles with PFC baffling for load stabilisation, and anti-surge protection. All truck tanks have a heavier rear head to prevent the oil canning effect, double plated bottom box beams, heavy gauge fender wells, internally cooled hydraulic lines, mud flaps over the drive tyres, front access ladder, 4-way adjustable sprayheads with a safety break-a-away feature, and oil lubricated close coupled water pumps.



US Tons Model Gallons (Litres)

35 to 38.5 K 800 8,000 (30,280)
K 900 9,000 (34,060)

55 to 60 K 1000 10,000 (37,850)
K 1100 11,000 (40,270)
K 1200 12,000 (45,420)
K 1300 13,000 (49,200)

85 to 110 K 1600 16,000 (60,560)
K 1800 18,000 (68,130)
K 2000 20,000 (72,980)

113 to 150 K 2200 20,000 (80,550)
K 2600 26,000 (98,410)

190 to 200 K 3000 30,000 (113,550)

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