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Agora Pty Ltd

Australian Tractor AttachmentsAgora Pty Ltd

ROPS - Roll Over Protective Structure

FOPS - Falling Object Protective Structure

ROPS and FOPS are products of which a prototype of each structure and machine chassis has been dynamically tested in accordance with either one of the following standards. AS 2294, SAE J 1040 or ISO 34.

Each ROPS and FOPS must be certified as having met the test criteria of any of the above standards.

Agora has over 2000 certified ROPS/FOPS.

ROPS and FOPS, chassis tested for on-highway trucks such as FORD Louisville, SCANIA, ACCO, MACK and KENWORTH are now available.



Rops and Fops

Australia's only testing station that has tested and certified ROPS for off highway dumpers over 100 tonne capacity in accordance with AS2294-1979/1990

Above: Euclid R190 ROPS Test
Rops and Fops

Above: ROPS R50 Euclid
Above: Komatsu PC 400 FOPS test
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