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Agora Pty Ltd

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Australian Tractor Attachments Agora Pty Ltd


Haul Truck Steps

Blast Hole Stemmer

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Cable Reelers


While Cable Reeling Systems are sometimes mounted directly to the loader arms using the normal OEM pins, a convenient method uses the IMAC Quick Coupler system. The system promotes the use of Wheel Loaders as utility machines often extending the life of older machines that are no longer reliable as production machinery. Once equipped with the Quick Coupler, mounting the Cable Reeler is as simple as driving up, lifting the mechanism and hydraulically inserting the locking pins. the only need for getting out of the cab is to connect the hydraulic lines which are necessary to power the drum.

Buckets - Wheel Loader

IMAC has a complete line of Wheel Loader Buckets tailored to every imaginable application. every bucket is matched to the machine that will carry it and the environment it is to work in. Flat bottom and tapered bottom designs are offered along with a full compliment of spill guards, wear protection options and ground engaging tools.


Are configured in various ways to make them suitable for any loose granular material such as Sand, Coal, Sulfur, Woodchip, Fertilizer, Feedlot, Peat and Snow. Light Material Buckets are designed oversize to match the payload weight with the carrying capacity of the machine. bolt on cutting edges are often added to protect the base edge from wear especially when working on concrete surfaces.


The basic bucket that any machine should have. Usually equipped with teeth, these buckets are meant for digging in many conditions.

Quick Couplers

Quick couplers for Wheel Loaders and Hydraulic Excavators open a whole new realm of money saving possibilities. Couplers encourage the use of JOB MATCHED attachments to get the work done in the most efficient manner possible. One wheel loader can now be a Forklift, a Utility Bulldozer and a Rock Loader in the same day. we make Couplers for machines upto and including Cat 994 size, and attachments to use with them.

ATA Introduces the Worlds Largest Tyre Manipulator at AIMEX '99

ATA, Australia Tractor attachments introduced the IMAC line of Tyre Manipulators to the Australian marketplace during AIMEX '99. The product line includes the TM30 capable of handling tyres up to 4.37m diameter and 13,635kg mass. Other sizes include the TM13 and TM25 for handling smaller tyres.

The TM30, currently the largest Manipulator in the world, is designed to handle the latest generation of 63" tyres and future generations yet to be announced. Since introduction 3 years ago, the Canadian designed manipulators have proven successful in Canada, the USA, Chile, Peru and Mexico.

Variations of the base models include versions suitable for mounting on Wheel Loaders and Forklift Trucks. Features include 360 degree planetary gear box driven tyre pads or alternately 180 degree cylinder driven. Hydraulic sideshift is also offered as an option. Safety is insured by the use of lock valves on all clamping functions.

ATA manufactures IMAC products under license in their Sydney plant where they can tailor a package to include custom installation on any suitably sized carrier vehicle.

In addition to Tyre Manipulators, ATA offers a full range of Attachments for Heavy Equipment which includes Dozer Blades, Cable Reelers, Quick Hitches, Loader and Excavator Buckets, ROPS and Water Tankers

Here are some photos of the first ATA Agora/IMAC TM13P Tyre Manipulator sold in Australia. This unit has 360 degree continuous pad rotation, 90 degree wrist rotation and hydraulic side shift. The customer, OTRACO Pty. Ltd. will be using it to service their tyres on a fleet of mining vehicles.